What Is an Anti-Static Flooring System?

Blog |August 13th, 2017

Careful consideration should go into choosing the ideal, industrial flooring option for your building since you have a wide assortment of styles from which to make your selection. Typically, you will need it to be at least durable and easy to maintain, but you may also require it to be an anti-static flooring system at the same time. Static causes issues in the chemical, electronic and pharmaceutical industries just for three examples. If you are unsure whether or not you need an anti-static floor in your building, read the following facts to help you make your decision.

Definition of an Anti-Static Flooring System

A system such as this inhibits the formation of electrostatic discharge, also known as ESD. This discharge happens when a charged surface or person come into contact with an item in the room and causes a pulse of static electricity. At times, you can see it happen while at other times, it is invisible. You may have felt one of these ‘shocks’ by shuffling your feet across carpeting and touching a doorknob. In an industrial setting, though, these shocks could make machinery or equipment to malfunction and even cause fires. For this reason, an anti-static floor is a must in these industries to prevent the ESD from occurring.

How an Anti-Static Floor Prevents ESD

Anti-static floors have the ability to collect the static electricity that naturally forms and ground it to prevent electrostatic discharge from causing issues that may be dangerous is certain settings. The movement of people, machinery or heavy equipment can create ESDs at levels that are undetectable until something goes wrong. Installing the right kind of floor allows for worry-free daily operations without needing to deal with unwanted ESDs.

Types of Anti-Static Flooring Systems

You can select from a variety of anti-static floors, including:

  • Anti-Static Carpeting
  • Anti-Static Rubber
  • Anti-Static Epoxy
  • Anti-Static Vinyl

*Note: Each one has its own unique characteristics and care instructions. For this reason, research the type that is best for your facilities.*

Advantages of Anti-Static Floors

You will receive a number of benefits by installing an anti-static floor, such as:

  • Eliminates Static Discharge – This type of floor grounds the static electricity to eliminate ESDs.
  • Durability – All anti-static floors are highly durable and last for a long time under normal daily use.
  • Easy to Clean – Regardless of the type of anti-static flooring that you select, it is easy to remove dirt and debris from and wash or shampoo when necessary.
  • Low Maintenance – Since these floors are durable, they also are low maintenance and require a minimum of patching and replacement.

For further facts about anti-static flooring systems, contact In2 Floor Coatings. We specialise in a wide assortment of industrial flooring options.

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