Why Should People Opt for Epoxy Floor Coating?

Blog |February 14th, 2018

At In2floorcoatings we have made it not only our business to provide you with flooring solutions to fit your needs, but we have made it our guarantee. With 25 years of experience in the industry and a library of products and services to help you get your warehouse, residential, or commercial flooring needs up to task — we can be the help that you need. Today, we are going to share some of our flooring expertise with our readers by having a discussion on the value of epoxy floor coating. While most people have a general knowledge of what epoxy flooring coating is, we find that there is a lot that people don’t know. Let’s dive into the topic, discuss the benefits, and get you started on the path to improving your property.

Full Understanding of Epoxy Floor Coating

Alright, so you have a warehouse or a commercial property that is in desperate need of some flooring work. With so many different options on the market and a hundred different professionals telling you what to do, where should you start? When it comes to shopping around for a flooring finish, epoxy floor coating really is the only topic that you need to research. Fortunately, we’ve decided to do all of the important research for you. Are you ready to learn? Tuck into your chair, grab a cup of your favourite drink and pay close attention.

1) What is epoxy floor coating?

Well, this is as good of a place to start as any. Epoxy floor coating is a special material that works to seal your concrete floors. This is a popular type of coating in commercial and industrial applications for reasons that we will soon get into.

2) What are the benefits of epoxy floor coating?

The most important question you can ask also has the most thorough of answers. Epoxy floor coating is the end-of-discussion on sealing up concrete floors. There are numerous benefits that can be had by opting to go this route. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Strength and Durability – Whether you are operating out of a warehouse or a busy retail establishment, your floor needs to be able to take some damage. Concrete floors that have been coated with epoxy will last longer, resist wear and tear better, and prevent chemical breakdown better than any alternative on the market.

Low Maintenance – Going off of our first point, epoxy coated floors also have an incredibly low maintenance requirement. These floors simply stay up to snuff for a longer period of time.

Safety – Along with being chemically resistant, epoxy coated floors are safer because they resist extreme temperatures and are more slip-proof than other flooring options.

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