Benefits of Acoustic Flooring System

Blog |December 8th, 2017

As the label on the figurative tin implies, this type of flooring is designed to stop noise propagation. Try touching the material while it’s still rolled. It’s soft, which is a handy feature if you like walking barefoot on the floor. But that yielding fabric, comfortable though it feels to the touch, is really designed to act as a high-performance sound and vibration dampener, not as your cuddly rug.

Designed to Dampen Vibrations 

Considered from a scientific viewpoint, all sounds are vibrations. They propagate through the air, with the stored energy transferring as a molecule-to-molecule bumping effect. Meanwhile, down on the floor below your feet, the impact of your shoes sends a series of vibrations directly into the floor. Imagine that noise if you’re living below someone who gets up for work at 5 AM in the morning. Without an acoustic flooring system, things are about to get loud.

Small Apartment Impact Benefits

You know that there’s a contractor working nearby. The constructors are building a new apartment complex, and they’re using a cost-effective design strategy. The floors are thin, as are the walls. Some newer living spaces don’t even use carpets anymore. If they do, they’re terribly thin, right? If a neighbour, someone living above you, gets up to work at 5 AM, then an acoustic flooring system will dampen the sound of the traffic above your head. If he comes home at night, brimming full of energy, maybe he’ll spend an hour or two rearranging the furniture. Vibration-cancelling flooring systems dampen those heavy noises.

The Fabric Cancels Hollow Echoes 

Hardwood floors are wonderful, yet there’s something a little off-putting about the way the sound in a room reverberates when it hits the wooden flooring. Acoustic flooring systems naturally soften sharp echoing sounds. If you enjoy a late night movie, you can do so without those heavy reverberations, all thanks to an echo attenuating floor. Squeaky footsteps or screeching chairs, the composite materials used in these systems are designed to create a warm, cozy ambience. Well, they will as long as you keep your windows closed, too.

The benefits work in two directions. Importantly, a neighbour enjoys a sense of peace and quiet when a sound-dampening floor barrier is properly installed. Loud music systems and larger surround sound systems are acoustically deadened when the ground-based noise mitigation solution operates as designed. Meanwhile, in the room where the flooring is installed, empty echoing effects and nasty reverberation envelopes are summarily dismissed. The sound is softened to the point that the occupants can relax after a hard day.

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