Industrial and Commercial Floors: What Is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Blog |July 17th, 2017

Industrial Epoxy Flooring SystemsWhen you require durable, reliable flooring for your industrial or commercial establishment, you should consider the attributes of an epoxy floor coating.

An application of this coating on a concrete floor provides a smooth, high-performing surface that can even be slip resistant depending upon the style that you select to fulfil your specific needs.

It will hold up to daily wear even with forklifts traveling over it. Examples of places that benefit from this coating include sports facilities, hospitals and industrial buildings.

Definition of an Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy coating for floors contains epoxy, which is made up of synthetic thermosetting polymers that belong to the epoxide groups along with special hardeners to increase its endurance. Epoxy comes in many forms from an adhesive to this type of protective coating for concrete floors. The base floor must be clean and repaired for this coating to adhere in the proper fashion.

The Different Styles of Epoxy Flooring

  • Self-dispersing epoxy floor coatings create a strong floor for high-traffic areas
  • A self-leveling version of this flooring is applied over old, cracked, damaged or new concrete floors to form a seamless, durable and smooth floor surface that requires low maintenance
  • Self-dispersing with the addition of quartz sand versions of the epoxy floors are similar to the self-dispersing ones, but they also offer the benefit of anti-slip properties
  • The graveled version of this floor coating is the most attractive choice if you need one that adds ambiance, anti-slip properties and durability to the floor
  • Mortar style epoxy floors are the strongest of all of the choices in this type of floor coating, and you also can use the mixture to repair cracks before the final application goes on the base floor
  • Terrazzo style is another decorative version of the epoxy floor coatings and is ideal for spacious areas
  • The anti-static version of epoxy floors is for those industries and businesses that require a static-free environment
  • Flaked style of this coating contains chips or flakes of colour for decorative purposes, and it also has a slightly rough texture that makes it slip-resistant

Benefits of Applying an Epoxy Floor Coating

  • Provides a high-gloss surface to the floor
  • Is hard-wearing and durable throughout the years
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Is suitable for a wide assortment of commercial and industrial establishments
  • Can offer an attractive ambiance with the right style
  • Chemically resistant
  • Anti-slip when necessary

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