The Best Floor Coatings for Food and Beverage Processing Plants

Blog |November 8th, 2017

If you run a food and beverage processing plant then you need to make sure that every part of your workplace is up to par. Working in this kind of industry means that you are always looking to improve where you can. From worker efficiency to product quality, your focus is always on the company. However, many otherwise focused business owners don’t stop to think about their floors. Your flooring says a lot about your company and it can actually change the way that you operate. Today we are going to talk about special floor coatings that should be utilised in the food and beverage processing industry. While this doesn’t sound terribly exciting, it’s something that every business owner should take the time to read.

Floor Coating Options

If you thought that shopping for paint was fun, just wait until you start shopping for the finish for your factory’s flooring. There are many different kinds of floor coatings available and they all offer their own benefits and negatives. Your focus when shopping for a floor coating should be on maximising the quality of your workplace while adhering to food and beverage safety standards. Let’s look at a few different common floor coating options.

1. Epoxy Coating – Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for companies that work with a lot of chemical products as well as high heat cleaning. This style of coating is quick to dry and that is important if you want to keep your processing plant up and running with as little downtime as possible.

2. Urethane Coating – This is one of the more popular styles of coatings among the beverage and food processing industry. Urethane floor coating is ultra-durable and long lasting. Urethane coating is popular in the meat industry because it is odourless, scratch resistant and quick-drying. Urethane coating is also easy to clean and does well with heat resistance. You can have a urethane floor coating laid down and be up and running within six hours after installation.

3. Methyl Methacrylatate Coating – Commonly abbreviated to MMA floor coating, Methyl Methacrylatate floor coating is popular for food processing because it is odourless and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. You’ll also see MMA coating used throughout the beverage industry for both production and bottling.

4. Polyurea Coating
– Finally, polyurea coating is used commonly in the more heavy-duty food and beverage preparation areas. The reason for that is because polyurea coating is extremely resistant to impact and imparts no VOCs.

No matter which floor coating you choose for your business, be sure to take sit down with a professional. Build a better business from the ground up by starting with your floor.

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