Most Common Types of Concrete Flooring Finishes

Blog |July 28th, 2017

Concrete flooring is an ideal option for various commercial uses ranging from garage floors to industrial floors for manufacturing facilities. After all, it is durable, chemical resistant and easy to maintain. Certain versions of this flooring also are slip-resistant. While you may not feel that this flooring will be adequate for your needs, you need to understand that there are different types of concrete flooring finishes before you make your final decision. We share the most common types in the following facts.

Polished Finish

Once the concrete is fully cured, professionals clean it and polish to a high-gloss, polished finish. While this option may have a slick appearance, it actually offers additional slip resistance in comparison to the non-polished version. Professionals grind the raw concrete with various abrasive materials in a graduated process from coarse down to fine, to obtain the shiniest finish possible for your needs. At times, chemical hardeners are added to provide extra protection against moisture absorption.

Stained Finish

Another popular finish for concrete flooring is the stained version. Stains come in both acid-based and water-based ones, and in a variety of colours. You can choose one solid shade for the entire floor or multiple ones to create a unique pattern and appearance.

Grind and Seal Acrylic Finish

If you have an old concrete floor at present that requires a new surface, the grind and seal acrylic finish is ideal for this purpose. Professionals grind the surface just enough to remove the top layer in a level manner. After this, they clean and apply an acrylic sealer. The result is a shiny, strong surface.

Acid Etched

Another way to bring an old concrete floor back to life is through the acid-etching process. The acid removes any flaws and bumps to create a sand-like, smooth finish.

Broom Finish

When you require a highly slip-resistant texture to your concrete floor, choose the broom finish. While the concrete is still damp, professionals move a broom over the surface to create a texture. You can combine colours during this process or utilise a variety of strokes for unique results.

Seeded Aggregate Finish

For a different look to your concrete floor, select the seeded aggregate finish. Sand and stones along with the concrete create the top layer of the floor. These elements stand out in the concrete. Aggregates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are highly durable and resistant to damage.

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