Hand Troweled Overlays for Decorative Interior Floors

Blog |November 6th, 2017

The next time that you walk into a beautiful building, let your eyes wander down to the floor. Often you will find that these buildings have flooring just as beautifully decorated as their walls. One of the smoothest ways to get a beautiful floor is by having professionals come in and hand-apply overlays using trowels. By doing this you will find that you can get a beautiful finish reminiscent of stone, tile, or even coloured concrete. Hand troweled overlays also allow for all sorts of special designs and colour options. Let’s look a little bit closer at this process and see if it might be right for you.

Hand Troweled Overlays

If you have decided to travel down the path toward a hand troweled design as your finish, you need to consider a few different aspects to the job. Let’s go point by point in order to learn a little bit more about this style of concrete finish so that you can make an educated decision for your flooring needs.

A. Texture – In order to get the finish that you want from your hand troweled overlay, you need to be very aware of the texture. Texture is incredibly important, particularly on the floor of your home, which is why we advise customers to look over a variety of samples. From faux stone to smooth concrete, you should know what you’re getting before it covers your entire home.

B. Final Coat – The final cost of finish that you have applied to your overlay will decide just how well the flooring works. There are a variety of different final coats that offer a variety of different performance benefits. Make sure to ask your contractor to explain the differences between each so as to make an educated decision.


Now that we have learned a little bit about hand troweled finishes, we can see now start to understand why it is such a popular way for home owners to finish off their flooring work.

1. Ease of Installation
– When opting to go with a hand troweled finish, you are signing up for one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get the job done. There isn’t much labour involved and you don’t have a lot of extra gear taking up space.

2. Flexibility
– As we said above, hand troweling is an excellent choice if you want to have more options to finish your floor. From texture to colour and everything in between, hand troweling brings you options.

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