Benefits of Slip-Resistant Flooring Systems

Blog |October 11th, 2017

Anti-slip floor systems are essential as a precautionary safety measure in many business settings and factories or warehouses today in Australia. It can also help prevent any serious accidents and injuries in schools, recreation facilities and health clubs today. In wet or snowy weather, this type of flooring is also useful on ramps and steps at the entrances of all types of commercial buildings. Whether you need non-slip flooring installed on concrete, mosaic tile, granite or terrazzo flooring, your installation of this safety feature for your floors will prove to be very beneficial to you and your entire office or factory staff. If you own or operate a sports club, community center or school, having non-slip flooring installed will put your mind at ease, knowing that your employees, patrons, students or visitors will be protected against accidents involving slipping and falling on your floors.

Multiple Benefits Offered by Slip-Resistant Flooring Systems

There are many valuable advantages and benefits offered by slip-resistant flooring system installations for the floors of your commercial buildings, including the following:

• Slip-Resistant Flooring Meets OH&S Safety Standards. – Good quality anti-slip flooring for your place of business satisfied all OH&S safety requirements, helping to protect your staff members from injuries due to slips and falls while on your company’s premises. If you have slip-resistant flooring installed and one of your employees suffers unexpected injuries from a fall, you will have valuable protection legally because you have taken the precaution to install this safety flooring. Also, new employees will be impressed by the fact that you provide a safe work environment and will be inclined to be more productive in their work habits.

• This Practical Flooring is Guaranteed to Be Effective for Five Years or More. – When you select top quality anti-slip flooring for your company’s work facilities, you will have a guarantee of safe, effective floors for at least five years. This is both cost-effective and a good safety practice for the safety of employees and visitors at your place of business. This flooring is also durable and able to withstand wear-and-tear that other flooring surfaces cannot survive without damage.

• Anti-Slip Flooring Systems Alleviate Bacteria Build-Up on Floors. – Slip-resistant flooring also helps inhibit the build-up of harmful, germ-bearing bacteria on your building’s floor surfaces. This will help prevent occurrences of illness among your employees while providing a clean, healthy work environment for your staff and business associates to use on a daily basis during working hours.

When you use the expert services of In2 Floorcoatings, located in Mooroolbark, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and installation of the best quality slip-resistant flooring available today. This well-respected company of professionals will guide you to selecting top-grade surfacing for all your business flooring to protect everyone who works in or visits your business premises.

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